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Bathroom Paint

The bathroom is one of the wet areas in your house. That means the bathroom paint of your choice should be water-resistant in a way that discourages the growth of mildew. The paint chosen should also be able to make the room beautiful and give it a long-lasting glossy finish.

Our experts from Fine Paints of Europe are available to ensure you have adequate knowledge to help you get the best out of a painted bathroom.

What Should You Look for When Buying Bathroom Paint?

When looking for the best paint for your bathroom, go for the paint that resists moisture and water. That will, in turn, discourage any hints of mildew growth in the bathroom. Mildew can only grow where moisture is allowed to soak into the paint. The paint should also contain special chemicals that prevent mildew growth.

Always go for paint that has a shiny and smooth finish. If the surface is shiny, then it will have higher chances of resisting moisture penetration. It will also be easy to wipe clean.

Remember to also pick shades of color that make your bathroom look more spacious. That should be in line with the existing or planned interior décor. Like any other space to be painted, color speaks volumes about your sense of style and brings variations of balance.

Picking the right color for your bathroom walls is important. Mostly, your personal taste will influence the color you choose.

What is The Importance of Colors When it Comes to Bathrooms?

  • Natural Light

Light colored paints will allow you to make use of the natural light. Such paints will keep the room bright enough making extra artificial lighting unnecessary especially during the day as compared to dull and dark colored paints.

  • Size of The Bathroom

The shade of paint color used creates different effects in the space of your bathroom. Lighter colors are perfect for smaller bathrooms while darker shades can be used in larger rooms. Ensuring that the walls and ceiling have the same color also makes smaller rooms appear larger as it creates a thin line of distinction.

  • Contrast

If you are looking for that bold contrast, go for dark colored walls and a bright colored floor. The choice of color should be a shade lighter compared to that of the main house. That is to create an interesting approach to uniformity.

The Color Relationship Between the Ceiling, Floor, and Walls

Bright colored ceilings will always insinuate higher distance from the ground.  On the other hand, dark colored ceilings create an illusion of confinement.

Bathroom Paint Services

Are you moving into a new house or do you simply want a change? We are your go-to solution for all your bathroom painting needs. Our highly specialized team will ensure you get the best out of our services and products.

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