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Commercial Painting Katy TX

Are you looking for a paint contractor with many years of experience and expertise for your business? If you’re looking for companies that offer commercial painting in Katy, TX, Stephen’s Painting & Gutters offers interior and exterior services for commercial properties. Additionally, we also provide gutter replacements and color consultations.

How to find a good paint contractor for your commercial painting job

Painting a commercial property such as a mall or office is no easy task and requires only the best professionals who have substantial experience and skills under their belt. Both your interior and exterior designs should convey a sense of professionalism to your customers, and a good paint palette is crucial for that.

So, the first thing to look for when choosing a paint contractor is the experience they have and the number of clients they have served. Ideally, they completed numerous commercial paint jobs, all properties of various sizes and in different industries. This means they have extensive knowledge about paint types that suit multiple materials and build styles.

Ask them for a portfolio of past projects, their credentials or qualifications and a list of referees you can contact. Also, find out whether the painting crew includes employees or subcontractors. Usually, more trustworthy painting companies use employees rather than subcontractors.

Why should you choose us for your next commercial painting job?

If you’re looking for a contractor that performs commercial painting in Katy, TX, contact our representatives, and we will gladly discuss what we can do for you. We have considerable experience completing painting projects for over a decade and to the satisfaction of over a thousand clients. Our representatives will provide you with a complete estimate for the project with full details and a breakdown of costs for different tasks in the project.

We have plenty of past projects that you can look at, the NRG stadium being one of our prominent ones. We successfully repainted 144 offices for The Texans, spending just two weeks to complete the project. No building is a challenge for us; we are confident we can tackle a property of any size.

How can you make the most of a commercial paint job?

Paint jobs are not the cheapest or most convenient procedures, so you want your paints to last as long as possible. Having a good maintenance and cleaning program is a must to maintain your paint coats. For example, watch out for things like mold and mildew, which can ruin your paint.

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable contractor will ensure that your paint is durable because they will know which types of paint suit certain building materials. They will also know about additional treatments such as sealants and waterproofing. Additionally, you can work with these contractors on a paint maintenance plan to carry out treatments that extend the life of your paint.

Stephen’s Painting & Gutters is ready to handle any commercial paint job, regardless of the size of the property. If you need commercial painting in Katy, TX, contact us now for a free estimate.

Commercial Painting Katy TX
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