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Concrete Formliner

A concrete formliner allows your architects to create masterpieces from one of the most widely used construction materials. CustomRock decades of liner experience for every client with the help to get you started creating a true masterpiece.

Can I create specialty designs for my concrete project?

Not every concrete project is built on bland blocks. While concrete is heavy it is shapeable with the right materials.

Form liners let you set the material in beautiful patterns ranging from waves to circles and beyond. This generates unique patterns that can include the most modern logo.

How unique can I make my concrete?

In contrast the large block style buildings of the past, concrete structures are now some of the most intricate structures. The days of metal tresses for every bridge and clay or marble for every structure are gone as liners let you shape cement-like any other material.

Turn concrete into archways or stick to traditional rock-like formations. Nothing is beyond reach with the help of CustomRock.

What is a form liner?

A form liner is placed in your wall or structure to create a pattern while segments are still setting. The material flows around the liner to create a pattern or design.

Liners fit around your normal rebar scaffold and are invisible after the material sets. A thin segment sticks out unseen to the eye not trained to look for it.

How strong are liners?

Liners do not need to be impossibly strong. They only need to force your concrete to set in a specific way. The material enters as a liquid and butts against our product which is strong enough to hold its shape.

The wall or segment is set in place after the piece dries with the shape already in place. The concrete holds shape and allows you to colorize the design on completion.

Colorizing my concrete design

Complete your design with color. While educational and government buildings often avoid color, this does not need to be the case.

Add some brilliance to your work of art with color. This turns a normally bland concrete structure into a true masterpiece that catches the eye.

Experienced form lining company

CustomRock has decades of experience in the concrete space. Our liners and colorization products are in place across the country. Government buildings, monuments, residences, and businesses use our experience to their advantage.

You can see our work on our website or even in a magazine. Our liners turn cement into art at Yosemite National Park, the Pentagon, the Flight 93 Memorial, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Concrete liner company

CustomRock is an established concrete liner company with products included in a portfolio of work spanning decades. Our customers reach beyond the Federal Government. Concrete liners make your structure stand out, letting your architects turn concrete into clay.

Turn a widely used construction material into creative material with the use of a concrete formliner. We craft our liners and offer colorization for an eye-popping finish. Visit us online or contact us at (800)-637-2447.

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