Concrete Water Leak Burnaby

Concrete Water Leak Burnaby

At Fraser Valley Concrete, we specialize in fixing various concrete water leak issues in residential and commercial settings. Our trusted experts have the required tools and equipment to fix concrete water leaks, concrete cracks, and other concrete slab issues. Whether you are experiencing a minor or major concrete water leak in Burnaby home, you can count on our experts to help provide the appropriate fix. We serve clients in Burnaby and the entire British Columbia area.

How Can You Tell If There Is A Water Leak Under Concrete?

A leak under concrete needs to be fixed as soon as possible for so many reasons. The most important of these reasons is that such leaks can lead to severe water and structural damage in the building. This will cost a lot of money in different ways. To be able to repair water leak under concrete in time, you need to find the problem first. While some leaks are obvious, others are really hard to spot. There are some signs, however, that generally indicate that you may have a leak under concrete including the following:

  • A sudden and unexplained spike in the water bill
  • Audible running water when your water is turned off
  • Pools of water in places where they shouldn’t be
  • Damp carpet, or warped wood floors
  • Mold or mildew patches that are visible or a musky smell that you can associate with mold and mildew growth
  • A noticeable decrease in water pressure that makes your water fixtures appear less powerful
  • A hot water heater that is always on
  • Areas of your home floor are suddenly warm
  • Foundation cracks or settling with another indicator of sewer leak

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Leak Under The Concrete Slab?

The overall cost of repairing a leak under a concrete slab will depend on a number of factors. Some of the most significant determinants of the overall cost include:

The Nature Of The Leak – The nature of water leaks under concrete differs just as there are different things that can cause such leaks. The extent of damage and the amount of work that needs to be done will determine the cost

Accessibility – The cost of correcting a water leak under concrete will also depend so much on how accessible the area of the leak is.

The Repair Method To Be Used – A lot will also depend on the repair method the contractor is going to use

The Contractor Hired For The Repair – The professionals you hire to repair a leak under the concrete floor will influence the overall cost. Hire reputable experts.

You will never know the actual cost of repairing a leak under the concrete slab until you contact an expert to detect the leak and give an estimate based on relevant factors.

Let Us Help Repair Your Concrete Water Leak in Burnaby BC

Did you notice a concrete water leak in your Burnaby home? Contact us today to get a quote for your concrete water leak repairs. Our services are very affordable and well-detailed. You can count on our experts to provide a prompt, effective, and long-lasting solution to your recurring concrete water leak issues. We guarantee you excellent services.

Concrete Water Leak Burnaby