Elevator Pit Leak Repair Burnaby

Elevator Pit Leak Repair Burnaby

Even the slightest leak in your elevator pit should never be ignored. For your elevator pit leak repair in Burnaby, simply call on our expert team at Fraser Valley Concrete. We are a reliable contractor with several years of experience repairing and refinishing concrete projects. We are experts in Elevator Pit Leak Repairs, Foundation Repair, Concrete Restoration, Concrete Crack Repairs, Power Washing, and more.

What’s more, our services are well-detailed and highly professional. Whether you are repairing a minor or major elevator pit leak in your residential and commercial property, you can trust our experts to get the job done, brilliantly and excellently.

What Causes Elevator Pit Leak?

The elevator pit is one of such places in the building that needs to be completely dry. When it leaks, there is a need to get it fixed immediately as delay can always lead to more costly issues. It is also important to understand the possible causes of elevator pit leak. A proper understanding can help prevent the problem. While there are several possible reasons why an elevator pit can start leaking, the most significant ones are: 

  • Faulty waterproofing due too incorrect installation or damage to existing elevator waterproofing system during construction.
  • The pit is too old for any effective waterproofing system to have been originally installed.
  • Disturbance of the local water level balance as a result of adjacent construction activities.
  • Blockage of nearby drainage or bursting of a nearby water main.
  • Severe weather condition like a heavy downpour that can cause the water level to rise to a dangerous level for a weak elevation pit.
  • Construction or ‘kicker joint’ that can be a weak point in elevator pit constructed with roughcast concrete.
  • Presence of imperfections or any cracks on the base or walls.

What Can Be Done About Water Leaking In An Elevator Pit?

Elevator pit leak can be prevented during the construction of the building. When the correct elevator waterproofing is installed, future damages and costs can be avoided. When you already have an incidence of water leaking in an elevator pit, different approaches can be taken. The systems used to correct the issue in existing pits include:

  • Reactive dual component hydrophobic expanding polyurethane grouts.
  • Single component hydrophobic polyurethane expanding grouts.
  • Flexible non-existing crack sealing resins.
  • Dual component epoxy resin coating.
  • Polyurea coating.
  • Cement based render and waterproof grout technology.

Depending on the construction and extent of the damage that has been done already, a combination of these systems may be necessary to correct water leaking in an elevator pit. When you have the problem, it is important that you call an expert to inspect it and determine the best way to correct it. Specialist repairs can be completed without dismantling of the elevator mechanism, which means less inconvenience for everyone involved.

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Elevator Pit Leak Repair Burnaby