Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumber

Water damage in both residential and commercial properties can result in huge losses if not addressed in the soonest time possible. This damage can occur gradually over a long duration, or suddenly. The best course of action to take when you’re faced with water damage in your property is to close off the main water supply, then call an emergency plumber immediately.

At EZ Dry Flood Damage, we offer water damage services to residential homes and commercial properties, including high rise buildings. Our services are available throughout the year to ensure that we’re able to prevent extensive water damage.

Causes of Water Damage

There are two main causes of water damage in your home, and they are:

  • Plumbing Issues

An overflowing drainage system is a common cause of water damage in the house. So are leaking or burst pipes. Blockages in the line typically cause an overflow. This is as a result of the buildup of grease, hair, or toiletries that get flushed down sinks and toilets.

Pipes can burst due to high pressure, or extreme temperature changes. This mainly occurs during winter when water freezes inside the piping. Overflowing and burst pipes can cause immediate and extensive flooding. Water leaks, on the other hand, happen over a long period and can go undetected until they start showing through the floorboards, drywall, or ceiling.

  • Rain Water

Heavy rain can flood your house in two ways. Firstly, if your property is located on low, level ground with runoff water coming in from higher areas, it might get into your house through the doors and windows. It can also get into your house during a storm if your roof becomes torn. Secondly, rainwater can overwhelm the sewage system in your city, causing backup into homes. This exposes you and your family to dirty water containing disease-causing bacteria.

Any flood water in your property can ruin your furniture, house’s structure, and lead to mold growth. As such, you should have it removed as soon as possible. In addition, if you notice a small leak in your plumbing, you should have it fixed promptly because, with time, it causes damages that require costly repairs.

Our Water Damage Solutions

At EZ Dry Flood Damage, we have both portable and non-portable professional-grade equipment for water extraction. These allow us to remove water from all the spaces in your property– a process that minimizes the extent of water damage. Apart from extraction, we also sanitize hard surfaces in the building to get rid of any dirt and bacteria introduced by the floods.

We work with all major insurance companies to ensure that our customers get the necessary coverage for the repairs we carry out. Some of these insurers include MetLife, Travelers, Nationwide, and Farmers Insurance Group.

The Best Water Damage Services in Town

Once you reach out to us about your water damage issue, we’ll send our emergency plumber your way without any delay. Contact us now on 858 524 3297 for the most reliable and swift services in San Diego.

Emergency Plumber