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Grout Specialists Near Me

If you ever wonder where I can find some grout specialists near me, the answer is quite simple. Please, call Prestige at any time for any tile and grout cleaning or re-caulking services, and we will be happy to assist you with your issue.

Can you patch tile grout?

Fixing a cracked grout may not difficult if you have the right skills and professional tools. The cracks can come from several reasons, including a wrong grout mix, poor installation, or even the lack of expansion joints between the tiles. For a quick fix, you will need a grout saw or an electrical rotary milling tool to remove the old grout. You have to be careful during the removal operation as you may damage or scratch the tiles.

After you removed the grout, you have to clean the area properly by taking away any dust or grease so the caulk will adhere to the surface. Next step is to apply caulk evenly and to take away the excess with a damp cloth. We would advise you to wait for at least 48 hours before applying any weight on the tiles so that the caulk will cure sufficiently.

However, this quick fix may not be applicable in all cases. For example, an improperly fixed tile will lead sooner or later to the same problem, so your floor must be stiffened before re-grouting. We would advise you to ask the grout specialists near me for a professional opinion before proceeding with the caulking.

Can I use caulk instead of grout?

Grout and caulk even though they may look similar, they serve a different purpose. In general, grout is a cement-based compound, porous and not waterproofed, and will not adhere to the surface or tile. Its role is to fill in large gaps, to keep debris out, and to ensure that the tiles will not come close enough for edges to chip or crack.

On the other hand, caulk is silicone, acrylic or latex-based, being flexible and absorbing movement, unlike the grout who can crack. Caulk will adhere to different surfaces, including tiles, wall, or glass. However, over time, caulk will dry up and shrink, causing tiles to approach and crack. For this reason, we would not advise you to replace the grout with caulk or to use it on large surfaces.

Putting new grout over an existing one

You can apply a new layer of grout over the old one, but the results will not be as you'd expect. Since grout doesn't adhere to nearby surfaces, using it over an existing one will create a thin layer which, in time, it is possible to peel off.

The professional grout specialists near me, based on your particular situation, will advise for the best solution. Prestige has the experience and the know-how in dealing with such cases, and we will take over also the tiles repair works if needed.

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Grout Specialists Near Me
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