Leaking Basement Coquitlam

Leaking Basement Coquitlam

A leaking basement is a common fault within our homes, which we often translate to mean that the house does not have a steady construction. While some cases deserve a fast and efficient reaction to prevent further damage, others only need simple fixes. In examining the solutions of fixing basements, we have to look at the causes of Leaking Basement Coquitlam.  

Cracks on the floor

Basement floors that have thin layers of concrete may be more vulnerable to leakage when the water has high hydrostatic pressure.

Cracks on the wall

These could be the result of a housing foundation that drops down with time.

Porous floor concrete

Minor flaws when pouring out the concrete will create susceptible leak points that could expand to significant cracks that eventually cause leakage through walls.

Pools near the foundation

A house that lacks proper drainage around its foundation will eventually have seepage into the ground.

Cracks on windows and doors

Small cracks and holes are equally susceptible to leakage if they do not get and timely proper caulking.

Faulty plumbing

Leaking pipes within the house due to poor plumbing, freezing or a burst. 

How to identify possible basement leakage

The longevity within your home and the health of your household depends on how soon you define possible leakage in the basement. You will make more economical decisions if you do not neglect repairs in their early stage.

  • Brown stains on walls and the ceiling could mean that the water is reacting with the dust outside that settles on the moisture.
  • Mold and mildew – These smelly invaders always indicate excessive moisture on the afflicted areas.
  • Rust – You may see stains from the metals in contact with the basement’s floor or walls.
  • Water bugs – These insects will live in moist and dark corners of the basement

How to get through a leaking basement tragedy

If you must go to the basement, ensure that you turn off the house’s electrical power and wear shockproof gear to insulate you from electrical currents flowing from possible hanging devices and wires. Do not touch anything that might compromise your safety before you clear the water and moist.

Take the necessary steps to repair the fault and keep the basement safe and dry. Pump out the water and use a humidifier to dry out the moisture if the basement has enough dry and safe standing ground. Any other risky condition should receive the professional attention of a qualified waterproofing contractor

After drying the water and removing any objects that could attract mold and rust, hire our Leaking Basement Coquitlam experts to fix any drainage, plumbing, or construction issues. We have years of experience in offering top-notch services to clients using steadfast materials and services.

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