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Fraser Valley Concrete fixed my basement leak and also let me know what I could do to prevent a problem elsewhere before it happened! Thanks!
Jon NaskeHomeowner

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Elevator Pit Repair

Elevator pit waterproofing is a notoriously difficult undertaking. The spaces are confined, and the elevator pit is lower than the rest of construction, resulting in it being more likely to be below the water table. Fraser Valley Concrete waterproofing solutions are ideally suited for waterproofing in confined spaces.

Structural Integrity and Leak Repair

For owners, designers, and contractors, the elevator pit is often the first part of a building they waterproof for this reason – and the waterproofing is so effective that they often decide to utilize Fraser Valley Concrete throughout other parts of the building and save considerable time and money.

Pilings and columns which may require waterproofing and be subject to corrosion are also protected by Fraser Valley Concrete Services.


The solutions used greatly reduce the amount of water that can be absorbed by the concrete, and also form a coating around the steel reinforcement, to give additional protection against corrosion.

We can permanently stop water coming through cold joints, expansion joints, cracks, water stops, etc. We can even seal it when water is pouring through the crack; in fact we prefer it!

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