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Fraser Valley Concrete fixed my basement leak and also let me know what I could do to prevent a problem elsewhere before it happened! Thanks!
Jon NaskeHomeowner

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Foundation Repair

As houses settle, concrete develops stress cracks that leak water. The exterior foundation damp-proofing or tar quickly disintegrates or separates, leaving the wall surface open to attack by moisture. Water also corrodes imbedded steel, which rusts, expands, and cracks the concrete. A rainstorm or melting snow temporarily raises the groundwater level. When water accumulates around the foundation, hydrostatic pressure builds up and causes the basement to leak. Clay-rich soils do not drain well and hold rainwater right against the foundation walls. Water pushes its way inside through any cracks, joints, or larger pores in the concrete. Water will always travel along the path of least resistance — your cracked wall! Finally, let's not forget about window-wells which can hold pools of water that eventually filter through the basement windows and into the basement itself. Interior damage resulting by flooded window-wells is an all too common occurrence.

Foundation Repair Cracks In Basements

We at the Fraser Valley Concrete stop water migration from the interior, instead of the exterior of the structure. Costly excavations, window well repair, and use of expensive external foundation waterproofing solutions can be avoided using our unique waterproofing method.

Fix Unsightly Damage & Structural Weaknesses

At best, concrete cracks are just an unattractive nuisance. At worst, they lead to leaks that can damage the interior of the building, corrode steel reinforcements and ultimately shorten the life of the concrete structure. Kryton’s Krystol Concrete Waterproofing System installed by Fraser Valley Concrete is the complete way to repair cracks and create durable, waterproof structures.

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