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Sod Installation Tallahassee FL

If you are looking for Sod Installation in Tallahassee Florida, look no further than Blue Line Fence and Outdoors. We are your premier company for proper sod installation.

How do you install sod?

Try to start with a clean flat surface if possible. Some homeowners or landscapers do not think it is necessary to remove the existing lawn, but others feel it is essential. If you are not removing the existing grass, you will need to cover it with an organic material for the turf to be laid on. This will depend on who you hire and your preference.  It is vital that your sod is level with your walkways and driveway or any other landscaping features like a tennis court or a basketball court.

If you decide to remove the existing grass, there are a couple of different ways to accomplish this task. If you have hired a professional sod installer, they will be able to help you make the correct decision for your yard and your area.

  • Chemicals can be used to spread or spray the grass, and you can sod over it once it dies.
  • If you live where rocks and roots aren't a problem, you can use a tiller or a bed scraper. Removing the existing lawn will take more effort, but it will give your new yard a clean ground. You won't be using chemicals in or around your home, where you, your children, or pets might spend a great deal of time.

Once your surface is ready, it will be time to fertilize before you lay your sod. Applying fertilizer on top of the new grass, (sod) means it could run off when watered.  Now you are ready to unroll your sod. The moment you have been waiting for has arrived.  Your installer will make sure the lawn is laid on the most extended parts of your yard first.  Then he/she will check to make sure there are no overlapping edges, and all surfaces are flush with side-walks and driveways.

It is crucial that you keep your new yard well-watered and follow all the instructions your sod installer gives you. Sod Installation in Tallahassee Florida can be done by a professional company that specializes in sod installation and landscape companies.

Are there different types of sod?

There are several different types of sod you can have installed. The top picks for Tallahassee Florida are:

  1. Bermuda Grass
  2. Centipede Grass
  3. Augustine Grass
  4. Zoysia Grass
  5. Bahia Grass

You can discuss the pros and cons of each grass with your garden center or sod installer. Sod Installation in Tallahassee Florida is straight forward when handled by a professional.

How do you maintain your brand-new yard?

  1. Make sure your maintenance includes the proper amount of irrigation, especially while the turf is establishing itself.
  2. Stay off your new turf as much as possible during the first few weeks because it is very fragile while it is fresh and wet.
  3. Fertilize twice a year for best results.
  4. Follow your installers guide for lawn maintenance for your specific region.

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