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Water Damaged Wall Repair Boca Raton

At Altair Mold Testing and Remediation, we offer extensive water damaged wall repair in Boca Raton with a trained and experienced team of technicians. We mitigate water damage in the shortest period and restore your home to its pre-flood condition.

What to do if the drywall gets wet?

Basement flooding is a more common occurrence in states with heavy rainfall. The components used to make drywall are pretty sturdy stuff, enabling it to sustain damage when exposed to water but only for a short time. If you fail to address the moisture damage in your drywall swiftly, it can compromise your house's structural integrity and lead to mold growth. If water infiltrates your basement, here are some steps to mitigate the damage:

  1. Test your drywall for moisture by using a non-penetrating moisture meter or prying off the baseboards. Alternatively, you may use a screwdriver to poke holes in the drywall underneath. If the screwdriver goes in easily, your drywall is wet.
  2. Use a penetrating moisture meter or make a large hole to check for moisture on the studs.
  3. If you find moisture signs, make a two-feet cut on the wall and take out the wet drywall and insulation. Failing to remove the moisture-damaged materials swiftly can cause mold to grow and lead to costlier repairs.

If you lack the proper tools or the experience, be sure to call professionals specializing in water damaged wall repair in Boca Raton. It is crucial to act as soon as possible after the incident to restore your home to a habitable condition and safeguard your family members' health.

Three things to do immediately after a water damage

The wet materials in your home can start to develop mold within after 24-48 hours of contact with water/moisture. Here are several things to do immediately after water damage:

  1. Disconnect outlets - Unplug all the electronics, gas lines, and appliances in your home to prevent electrical shocks and explosions.
  2. Dry water out - Try to get rid of water in all the affected areas of your home and dry them out thoroughly using fans or a large-capacity dehumidifier.
  3. Call for professional help - Once you have dried out the affected rooms, call a professional water remediation service provider to inspect your walls, insulation, carpet, drywall, and wood for moisture issues and signs of mold.

Failing to address and treat the moisture in your home's walls and other structures can compromise your house's structural integrity. Leaving the moisture untreated can also pose a health hazard to all home residents.

Top reasons to call a water damage remediation company

Water damage remediation providers possess the experience and expertise to eliminate the water out of your house swiftly. They will have all the right tools, personal protective equipment, and knowledge to efficiently pinpoint and repair the damaged areas.

Altair Mold Testing and Remediation is a reliable and affordable locally owned business with over 13 years of experience in water damage and mold damage restoration services. Reach us at (561) 543-7824 to schedule an appointment for water damaged wall repair in Boca Raton.

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